Cassidy DoxtraderSalon Coordinator
    • Experience and Skills:

    I was a stay-at-home mom for 4+ years before Headliners. Before that, I was a top sales associate at Bath & Body Works and worked at SunTanCity in North Carolina.

    • Training and Education: 

    I went to JCC for dental occupations for 2 years out of high school. I went to college for Child Protective Services but did not finish due to moving to the Carolinas.

    • What are your passions? 

    I am very passionate about being the best mom I can be. My daughter is my life and I want to be the best role model for her. I also love expressing myself through my clothes and hair and decorating my house.

    • What do you love to do most at Headliners? 

    I love interacting with clients, giving compliments in the hope of putting a smile on their faces. Also, maybe it’s the mom in me but I absolutely love doing the laundry. 

    • What do you love about Headliners? 

    I love more than anything, the girls I work with. They welcomed me in with open arms and they already feel like family. I also love seeing the art that they create. Last but not least, the smell of the Aveda products as soon as you walk in!

    • What’s your favorite product, and why? 

    The Be Curly line, I love how it leaves no crunch to my curls and enhances them. It hydrates my hair and takes the frizz out. 

    • What Question do you get asked most often by clients? And what is your advice to them in response? 

    I get asked a lot about what I use on my hair for my curls and how I do my styles. I just fill them in on my products and hair tricks. I also get asked a lot how I like my job and I always tell them how much I love it!