Nadina DuguidSalon Coordinator
    • Experience and Skills: Over 14 years of salon experience, 12 years working with Aveda products, 20+ years of customer service.

    • Training and Education: Aveda product knowledge and classes.

    • What are your passions? Gardening, photography, kayaking, and hiking, and traveling to new places.

    • What do you love to do most at Headliners? Helping guests with product purchases, welcoming guests to the salon.

    • What do you love about Headliners? I love my talented coworkers, and I am grateful to be so well received by my new coworkers.

    • What’s your favorite product, and why? Beautifying composition oil because it is so versatile. I use it as an eye makeup remover and a moisturizer for my skin and cuticles.