Alison McGlynn

Master Stylist

  • Experience and Skills:

I have been in the industry for eighteen years because I love it so much! I was initially an instructor at Douglas J. Aveda, where I learned a lot about problem-solving and technical hairdressing. I love teaching, but my heart belongs behind the chair, so I’ve come to Headliners, where I’ve been happy doing hair for fifteen years (I teach here, too).

  • Training and education:

I’ve traveled all over the world learning! Here’s where: Douglas Aveda Institute in East Lansing (formal education), Vidal Sassoon in Chicago, Dylan Bradshaw in Dublin Ireland, Arojjo in New York City (SoHo), Professional Beauty in London England, ISSE in Long Beach California, ISSE in Chicago, Hotheads and Hair Dreams Hair Extensions Certified.

  • What are your passions?

I love to travel and experience educational opportunities or explore a new part of the world! I gain inspiration from every city I visit and the people I meet along the way!

  • What do you love to do most at Headliners?

My clients are number one! I consider them family, and I’m here to make them feel and look as good as possible. I also love teaching in the salon and training the new stylists fresh out of school. They teach me a lot too!

  • What do you love about Headliners?

I love Headliners! We have a powerful mentor and role model in Joan McGivern, our owner. I love that we’ve been in Jackson for over forty years and that she’s always there to lend an ear or teach a new trick! We have the best staff! Coming to work is always fun, and I get to work with my best friends!
Any other information you would like to share? I went to NYC and learned how to do a cool perm called an “American Wave.” It’s not your grandma’s perm!

  • What’s your favorite product, and why?

Trick question! You have to use at least two! A heat protectant (I love Damage Control) and a styling product (I love Confixor). It has memory and keeps your hair moving all day!

  • What Question do you get asked most often by clients? And what is your advice to them in response?

“ Why can’t I do my own hair!” To which I say: You can! Let me show you!