Elvira Luca

Skin Care Specialist | MakeupArtist

Experience and Skills:
Skin Care – Makeup

Training and Education:
Elizabeth Arden, Aveda, Chanel

What are your passions?
My passion is making people look fabulous! To participate in making them feel good about their appearance, skin, and makeup. I also love teaching them the best ways and easiest to use products.

What do you love to do most at Headliners?
I always want to work at Headliners. I love to be a part of weddings and prom preparation. I also love the clients’ expressions on their faces after I finish and how they love and trust me.

What do you love about Headliners?
I love the team we have, it makes it easy to work, and it makes me happy. I am grateful that Joan gave me the opportunity to work here; she makes it easy to work for her. I love the freedom to do what I love with our clients. Whether it’s a glow, makeup, or helping them pick a unique item from the boutique

Any other information you would like to share?
Aveda has been very supportive of my education, from classes to product knowledge. The Aveda network has made an enormous impact on my role as a skin specialist.

What’s your favorite product and why?
Tulasara Firm – Skincare. The results I can see on my skin

What Question do you get asked most often by clients?
I get asked about products a lot! I love explaining how to use them and what will work best for each individual!