Joan McGivern

Director | Owner

What is your favorite part of working at Headliners?
I’ve owned Headliners since 1976 and I’ve been happily cutting hair behind the chair ever since. I love creating the fountain of youth (clients who are 80+ and making them look like they’re barely 60!)

Training and Education
Joan McGivern’s journey into the world of hair began as she observed cuts at her local salon and honed her skills on family members. Attending the Arizona Academy of Beauty exposed her to industry legends like Vidal Sassoon. Establishing Headliners in Jackson marked the start of her legacy, evolving from partner to sole proprietor for over 40 years.

Seeking knowledge, Joan visited New York’s top salons and learned from renowned stylists like Yusuke Suga and Harry King. She prioritized staying abreast of trends, hosting experts like Dean Boudreau for innovative techniques such as “Parametric Cutting.” Traveling to cities like Chicago and Boston provided further inspiration, with visits to hair shows and connections with icons like Frederic Fekkai. Most recently she learned the art of French hair-cutting from Candy Shaw.

What do you love most about owning headliners?
Being forced to grow, through all the stages and industry changes…. So much growth and change, being able to push the boundaries of my creativity.

When I pull into the salon in the morning I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

What do you love to do most?
Creating the fountain of youth! Being able to use my creativity and decades of education to make our clients look and feel their best.

I love our gardens. They’re very special to me and bring me so much joy to experience their beauty while I get to create behind my chair!

What are your passions?
Art class, passion for the craft, family, friends, and a place to go every day ( the salon) creating a good ambiance
What’s your favorite product and why?
Flash treatment… Everyone could benefit from this product!!! 10 seconds and it’s life-changing! Gives hair so much shine!

What Question do you get asked most often by clients? And what is your advice to them in response?
“Am I too old to wear this look” “Can I wear this style” and I always say “You’re never too old” “ With the way things are changing right now we can design any look for you based on the fabric of your hair”

Haircut: 75+
Men’s Cut: 35+
Blowdry: 40+