Sophie Tolonen

Advanced Stylist

Experience and Skills:

Training and Education:
Douglas J. Aveda Institute, two Susan Ford Aveda Cutting Classes, Aveda Demi Gloss Class, Barbering Technique Class

What are your passions?
My passion is making people look and feel good about their hair and appearance, teaching people about the best and the easiest ways to maintain their dream styles.

What do you love to do most at Headliners?
I love being a part of the weddings and the High School dance updos. I love recreating looks and using my creativity to make new formal styles. I love being a part of people’s special day!

What do you love about Headliners?
I love the team we have and the easy-going, happy environment. Everyone works so well together, and it has made my experience at Headliners great.

What’s your favorite product, and why?
Hairpotion. Because it can add volume to any hair type/texture. It is light enough to use daily, and it’s super easy to apply and reactivate.

What Question do you get asked most often by clients? And what is your advice to them in response?
“How do you make curls with a straightener look so good?” First, I explain how hair is a lot easier to do on another person than yourself. Then I tell them how I curl my hair by explaining curl direction, sectioning their hair, and how to hold the tool to make the process easier.